Optional Criteria Inquiry (Innovation and Mentorship)

Hello Everyone,
I have got questions as regards to innovation criteria and work outside of my immediate occupation criteria.

In the case of innovation, the tech nation website says that “Any company provided as evidence should demonstrate a level of income beyond solely covering the applicant’s salary and must have been commercially successful or otherwise demonstrate how the applicant meets the endorsement criteria”

  1. If you don’t have any revenue or little revenue, can you still use this criteria by submitting proof of product in the market, press clippings, evidence of winning international competition with the product, a graph that shows number of businesses using your product?


In the case of work outside of my immediate occupation, the tech nation website say that “Mentorship should be on behalf of a structured programme with selection criteria and is inclusive of non-profit charities and social mentorship programmes. You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution”.

  1. If you were selected as one of the 148 mentors for a Skillslab program that was created by Microsoft in partnership with a recognized learning community in Africa (more than 80k members) to upskill 3000 graduates in cloud computing and helping them earn their first two Microsoft Azure certifications. Renumeration was free vouchers for advanced level Microsoft certifications
    The program - https://andela.com/alc/microsoft-skillslab-2021/

Can this be categorized as a structured programme. If yes, is submitting the following evidence sufficient to meet the criteria:

(a) screenshots of my Azure cloud certifications that were instrumental in your selection.
(b) screenshots of my dedicated slack channel on the programs Slack Workspace which shows the numbers of learners assigned to my mentorship. In my case, it was 40.
© Screenshots of two emails informing my selection as a mentor of two different phases of the program.

For context: I’m applying for exceptional promise.


work outside of my immediate occupation I think option C should be fine. You can also also someone within the organisation to attest to your contribution as a mentor, state the duration and your time commitment on the programme.

innovation I would recommend you use optional criteria 3 and show the impact of your work.

Thanks for the response.
I will email the program coordinator and ask for a letter.