Optional Criteria 3 - The Impact

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i am founder of digital product and still in the pre-revenue stage. I am based in the UK. My app is on TestFlight in App Store now and is to be launched following our testing in the coming weeks. i would highly appreciate your suggestions for optional criteria 3. which is :

How do I demonstrate that I have made a significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company**?**

Business examples of a “significant contribution” include:

  • Having led or played a key role in the growth of a product-led digital technology company, such as influencing investment and strategy or delivering major products or releases;
  • Having founded a successful product-led digital technology company or other organisation and leading it.

Documents that will be considered as acceptable evidence include (please provide more than one piece of evidence. The list below contains suggestions – other types of documents can be submitted):

  • Employment contract containing salary information including any bonus and equity options
  • Letter from an employer wherever applicable. This is in addition to the required letters of endorsement and should be written by another individual;
  • Documents detailing your significant contribution towards commercial success (such as evidence of sales pipeline built and delivered, growth generated, leads generated, processes developed and implemented).

my questions are in regards with the above and what evidences do you suggest for the following:

  1. how do i provide an evidence that i was involved in the design UI/UX, specifications and development for the product?
  2. shall i just provide company’'s certificate and equity details from companies house?
  3. i have registered trademark for the app, is that something to be highlighted in the application?
  4. the sales pipeline? i have subscribers in the MVP, website and testflight app? do i show screenshots for this?
  5. what other evidences would you suggest as a founder of an app?
  6. i have a letter of participation for focus group for developing an app? is this to be attached in this criteria?
  7. do i attach apple store email confirming that the app is approved for testflight?
  8. do i share the companies accounts filed in the companies house to show the commercial contribution?

You can show evidence of the products you have designed, wireframe and other details that shows your significant contribution.
Also get you co-founder to write a letter that states your impact to the growth of the company
You can also show evidence of company registration and traction since launch.

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hello @francisca_chiedu

thanks for getting back to me, i dont have a co-founder and the app is not officially launch, only approved is TESTFLIGHT for beta testing.

let me know if you have further advice.


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