Optional Criteria 2

  1. How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

Teaching at University as Lecturer and contributed to the Academic curriculum is sufficient evidence? I will try to prove it through a reference letter from University’s Vice-Rector. Moreover, I have been involved with the research center and they can also give a reference letter.

Please advise.

@AyazIlyas I was on the same boat as you, I was a mentor for a year at a University. The ability to impart knowledge and contribute meaningfully might be what they are looking out for. I got a letter from my program coordinator to satisfy this criterion in my own case.

Thanks, Sojo for your response.

Did you manage you got your endorsement?

@AyazIlyas yes i got endorsed.

so for OC2 , you only submitted a letter from the university? that satisfy the criteria ?