Opinons About my Profile for Endorsement - Stage 1


I’m working as a research assistant at a university. My expertise is on AI and computational biology. I get a job offer from the UK company and would like to apply to GTV. I’ll be glad to hear your opinions on my profile for the Exceptional Promise application.

Thanks in advance.

Personal Docs

  1. Personal Statement (I will be discussing my background as an AI and Computational Biology Researcher with experience leading cutting-edge research projects and contributions to other researchers’ projects in the AI and computational biology field.
  2. CV (MSc in Computational Biology field and Ph.D. Candidate about to get the degree in a few months working on deep learning on protein informatics also have professional experience as Research Assistant and various positions (project manager, test team leader, software expert) in IT sector)

Recommendation letters

  1. Assoc. Professor (H-Index 15) in the Department of Computer and Artificial Intelligence Engineering is my Ph.D. co-supervisor.
  2. Assoc.Professor (H-Index 23) in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  3. Assoc.Professor (H-Index 8) in Mechanical Engineering working in the computational modeling field

Mandatory criteria

  1. Support letter from the department head in the university that I’m working defines my work and achievements
  2. Recommendation letter from a CEO of a start-up company where we worked together on a bioinformatics NGS analysis project (he is also a full professor working in bioinformatics)
  3. Letter of support from PI of a project on AI and computational biology, which I work on as a scholar. The letter says my contributions to the project from the design phase to implementation
  4. Offer letter for a job from an AI Startup Company in UK and support letter from the CEO.


  1. Letter of support from Ph.D. Advisor defines the research, innovation, and contribution to science that I have done during my Ph.D. (with github link of a tool that we developed)
  2. Letter of support from PI of a project on AI and computational biology, which I work on as a researcher

Academic contributions

  1. Abstracts of 3 papers published in journals (may not be top-tier) that showed my computational biology, bioinformatics background and a pre-print that shows my AI applications in the bioinformatics field, and a complete list of my selected publications related to AI and computational biology fields.
  2. Letter of support from a full professor (H-Index 14)working on cancer biology endorsing my contributions to science
  3. Letter of support from Assoc. Professor (H-Index 9) working on AI and bioinformatics endorsing my contributions to science

Work beyond the occupation

  1. Letter from International Society for Computational Biology Student Council (ISCB-SC) team leader defines my voluntary work in the ISCB-SC Webinar Team.

I think you may have a chance but your evidence appears to be mainly letter of support. It is also not clear how you meet the criteria for innovation. A letter of support from your head of department may not be sufficient. Do you have patents for your research work? Are there evidence of international recognition for your work? For optional criteria 4, you have indicated that your publication may not be in top-tier journals, you may need to show more concrete evidence beyond the reference letters.

I am just giving my opinion based on the tech nation guide, I do not work of TN. Hopefully more applicants who chose similar criteria will chip in.