On which option do I need to upload my Endorsement Letter Email during Stage 2?

So, after completing the Stage 2 visa application and booking for appointment from https://www.ukvcas.co.uk where do I need to upload my endorsement letter email in https://www.ukvcas.co.uk/documents/upload link?

The screenshot image below from https://www.ukvcas.co.uk/documents/upload shows the different options where I could upload but I am not sure where.

Separately, do I need to upload other documents such as degree certificate and all as shown in the screenshot image?

Thanks for your kind words. I did not switch visa. Let me tag someone else @May can you help with this?

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@Francisca_Chiedu Thank you for the help as usual. :smiley:

@May Do you happen to remember under which option on the UKVCAS website you have uploaded your endorsement letter email?

Hello dear,

i dont think the sections are important, as much as making sure you are providing all necessary information. i cant remember when i did it, i added this to either sponsor or others. anyway, noone will look into documents until the day you go to your interview. in there, they normally check if all your documents are submitted fully and in the right section. hope this helps


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@Maya Thank you. :slight_smile:
BTW did you pay extra for the appointment? I just booked mine by paying an appointment fee of £234.

yes this is correct.i paid mine too.

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