OC3 Evidence Review assistance

I have evidence of impact for 2 different projects, one is within a startup I worked with and the other is a freelance project. would it be considered as just 1 evidence of impact and I will still need other pieces of evidence for OC3 or this can be classified as 2 evidence in the OC3 category

Normally you can submit two different projects as two different evidences but I am not sure you can use your freelance work as an evidence. I would verify that before submitting.

@sodiqotijani, try and avoid freelance. I mentioned it and it affected my application. If you can structure the freelance work to a particular company then that’s fine.

Thank you for this, did you eventually get endorsed ?

How do you mean “verify before submitting”?

I mean verify that you can submit your freelance work as an evidence in the documentation and guide for the visa.

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