[OC2] what does the "applicant’s occupation" mean?

I’ve just got a response from Tech Nation, they confirmed my Mandatory Criteria:

Show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector - Yes

But they rejected my Optional Criteria 2, saying:

Optional Criteria 2 requires the applicant to provide proof of recognition for work outside their immediate occupation that has contributed to the advancement of the sector–specifically evidence that they have gone beyond their day to day profession to engage in an activity that contributes to the advancement of the sector. The applicant has made visible contributions to various Oracle-related blogs and forums and is a major contributor to StackOverflow again in the areas of Oracle databases. All of these are related to his role as an Oracle Performance Expert. His extensive contribution was a major factor in his being recognised as an Oracle ACE. Given that all of his activities are related to his day-to-day occupation, he does not meet this criteria.

So looks like they consider my occupation as all “areas of Oracle databases”, but my job position/role is just an “Oracle Performance Expert”. From my contract: Responsibilites: “To provide Oracle planning, implementation, tuning and support on [CompanyName] databases and systems”.
In fact, Oracle Database areas include a lot of different jobs/professions, just for example Oracle DBA (Database administrator) and Oracle DB Developer are absolutely different professions.
And Oracle Performance Tuning specialization is on top of DB management (DBA) area.

Though I have a lot of other public contributions which are not even related to Oracle DB (looks like they didn’t notice them), but my most significant public contributions are not a part of my job (public speaking, presentations, discovered vulnerabilities,apps and articles, StackOverflow and other different forums).

From the Tech Nation guide we can consider that “Applicant’s occupation” is a paid day-to-day work/job. Isn’t it? They even directly mention Github and StackOverflow in their guidence.

What is a correct definition of this “occupation”?

I think you should appeal this decision. They made an assumption that your stack overflow contribution is related to your day job.

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Thanks a lot Francisca, I’ll try…

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Appeal 100%.
IMO - See the example list under OC2 - and point out exactly how your contribution matches the examples in the guide (maybe without explicitly stating this).

Also, hiring an experienced lawyer maybe a good idea - this can be done in 2-3 hours of billable time.

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Curious @Sayan what was the final outcome of the appeal?

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