Non-technical applicants

Anyone applied as Non-technical applicants (i.e. business roles) from technical organisations are eligible. can you share your application evidences, recommendation, experience on this?

People don’t share actual evidence on this forum. If you go through the forum, you will find lsit of evidence that have been submitted by business applicants. Also check tech nation’s guide for examples of evidence you can submit.

apologies, i didnt mean attaching documents. my inquiry was about how and what documents they suggest and maybe submitted?

search through the forum, you will find evidence submitted by successful applicants. People sometimes don’t respond to already answered questions. Also check Tech Nation guide.
Business applicants often show their impact in the organisation. have you read the tech nation guide?

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yes i did. thank you

Are the examples in tech nation not sufficient? The mandatory criterion has up to nine or ten evidence you can use. Optional criteria 2 and 3 which are mostly used by business applicants have at least three examples you can use.

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Yes, you can. Use it in addition to other strong evidence.

i would suggest, keeping both as one document. as the one evidence can include 3 A4 sheets. this will allow you provide an additional evidence.