No response from the request to join the Tech Nation Alumni Network

Hi! I submitted the request to join the TechNation Alumni Network in 3 weeks ago (I’ve got an endorsement and visa already), but haven’t got any response yet.

I am wondering if any of the alumni in this forum know who to contact about this (or remind them in case they forget to check the request)?

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Hi! Did you ever hear back? I also applied recently to join the alumni network after getting my endorsement and haven’t heard back, I’m wondering if it’s a lost cause given that TN is shutting down soon. @Francisca_Chiedu perhaps you know? :blush:

I heard there is a Slack or Discord channel of TN Global Talent visa recipients, and I would love to be involved :slight_smile:

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Hi folks, same thing happened to me.

But I chatted up Camilla Padovani on LinkedIn and she made it happen in few minutes. Maybe that would work for you too. I meant the adding me to the slack group.

The discourse needs no invite. Just register.

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As per her Linkedin profile, Camilla left Tech Nation 6 months ago. I missed the invite for that Slack group and the mentioned URL doesn’t seem to work now, gives 404 not found.

I would like to join that Slack channel as well. Does someone have the up-to-date URL or any contact name from the management or any name replacing Camilla?

I do not have an updated link but I can invite you via slack and see if the admin will accept you. Please share you email via DM.


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I honestly think that getting into the Slack channel is harder than getting the Tech Nation visa itself!

I got the approval within 4 working days for the visa but I am still struggling to get into the Slack!

Contact Natasha Takhar in LinkedIn. She will sort you.