No response from the request to join the Tech Nation Alumni Network

Hi! I submitted the request to join the TechNation Alumni Network in 3 weeks ago (I’ve got an endorsement and visa already), but haven’t got any response yet.

I am wondering if any of the alumni in this forum know who to contact about this (or remind them in case they forget to check the request)?

Hi! Did you ever hear back? I also applied recently to join the alumni network after getting my endorsement and haven’t heard back, I’m wondering if it’s a lost cause given that TN is shutting down soon. @Francisca_Chiedu perhaps you know? :blush:

I heard there is a Slack or Discord channel of TN Global Talent visa recipients, and I would love to be involved :slight_smile:

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Hi folks, same thing happened to me.

But I chatted up Camilla Padovani on LinkedIn and she made it happen in few minutes. Maybe that would work for you too. I meant the adding me to the slack group.

The discourse needs no invite. Just register.

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