No. of Attendees in a conference

I will be speaking at a UK-based virtual conference on AI & ML along with 30 other keynote speakers. I won’t really be on the stage speaking, but since its an e-conference, we will have a Zoom video recording & a conference schedule containing my name.

Do you have any ideas how I could show the number of attendees of the conference? Especially since this won’t be a physical conference, so there wouldn’t be any photographs.

It would be most beneficial to obtain a letter of support from the organizers, specifically highlighting the event’s attendance figures.

If you can’t, estimate based on past years and let TN know that this is based on an estimate.

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Zoom meetings also show the number of people on the call, so a screenshot of that can be added to your other evidence. You can also get a reference letter from the organiser highlighting the number of people present and the impact of your sessIon

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