No need for BRP?

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I received my visa in February 2023. I was never advised in any email communication by the Home Office to go and pick up an actual physical card for BRP after I entered the UK, instead they added a link in their email which references my immigration status. There, it says:

“You can view and prove your immigration status online, via the ‘view and prove your immigration status’ service – View and prove your immigration status: get a share code - GOV.UK. This online service provides a secure record and proof of your immigration status which is held digitally by the Home Office and which is available to you at all times. This service is made available to you instead of a Biometric Residence Permit.”

Question: Does that mean I don’t need to pick up any card ever? If not, why are there people in the forum who talk about their BRP cards?


I am surprised that you were told you don’t need a BRP. Have you entered or re-entered the UK without a BRP?

Hi Francesca,

Here’s what happened:

  • I got endorsed by Tech Nation.
  • I went to a Biometrics appointment.
  • I applied for the GT visa from outside the UK.
  • I got the email saying that: 1) My GT visa application was successful and the visa would last from 2023 - 2028. 2) There was nothing in the email saying that I would need to pick up a BRP card anywhere or anything similar 3) There was only the quote in the email which I posted above (with the link to my application status, saying this comes instead of a BRP).
  • I entered the UK starting my stay on the GT visa.
  • I use my passport to enter the UK.


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Your email should contain an attachment detailing the post office where you should pick up your BRP. If not, send an email to the Home Office.

Ok, thank you!

There’s nothing like this in my email but reading some article on the UK gov website, it seems I can’t get (don’t need) a BRP card when I use the “UK Immigration: ID Check”. I assume that’s what they sent me the instructions for in the email. I’m not 100% sure but It’s my best guess.