NHS Surcharge: What can I do if I have already payed?

Hey everyone,

I just got my endorsement letter, and am ready to apply for stage 2. However, I am already in the UK on a Tier 2 visa, and have already payed my NHS surcharge through 5 years. Can I use the same info for the surcharge payment I did then, or do I have to pay the same charge again?


I had exactly the same situation, and I needed to pay again.
In theory, unused IHS should be automatically refunded some time after but in reality it doesn’t happen often. On the bright side some people on reddit mentioned that they got refunded

Good luck!

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Cheers, ruX! I’ve just bit the bullet and will apply for a refund after the process is done. Thanks for the help!

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@ruX as far as I understand a person must get a partial refund in such case. Should refund not come through it is necessary to contact the Home Office helpline and inform them about it.

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There’s no need to apply for a refund, it should happen automatically. Sometimes it does not happen or does not happen on time - in this case, you should contact the Home Office helpline.