NHS refund for dependant

Hi all,

To anyone who had extra deducted concerning your dependants NHS, had mine refunded automatically so I guess its same for everyone.

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Hi @Labsky, did you and your dependents submit your biometrics together and did you vignette arrive at the same time as well?

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@Labsky thank you for this information. Please, how long did it take to get the refund, and did you get any email notification regarding this? Thank you.

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Sorry im replying late. Yes we did everything together and it arrived together

I think it took about two weeks. And no there was no email notification. Infact i just checked my UK account and found the money refunded.

Thank you for your reply. I paid for my family members in July 2021 (though using someone’s card), because of the bank transaction restriction on foreigners where we live then. We arrived in the UK in September 2021, and we have been trying to check if the refund has been made. The person said he did not receive any refund yet.

I really appreciate your response on the timeline of the refund.