News article with modest monthly visits?

An article about my mentoring work has been published in a tech news website which has a modest monthly traffic of only 26k per month. (Certainly, I’m not using it as a standalone evidence on its own, but combining it with other evidences related to mentorships).

I was wondering if I should add the monthly traffic data from semrush or just skip it altogether? I want to avoid a situation where the 26k monthly traffic becomes an eyesore for the review committee and they reject this evidence on grounds of that. Please let me know!

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu @hsafra @May @alexnk @ask4jubad @pahuja !

You can mention it as significant views with 10K+ visits considering you are also using other evidence.

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Thank you very much!

By having more data to support your evidence, such as the authenticity, organic traffic, social engagement, video views, etc could help assessor understand and reduce doubt they have in their mind. Don’t spend too much space for this little data though, but it is good to have.

Sometimes it is great to add a benchmark as well. Put their hats on, they are reviewing thousands of applications and more than 50 countries applying for this role, it will be hard for them to know the traffic of each country.


Thank you very much for your response!