New Innovator Founder visa - definition of 'trading'?

This isn’t about the Global Talent visa, but does anyone have any information about the new Innovator Founder Visa? And what their definition of ‘trading’ is? Innovator Founder visa: Overview - GOV.UK

I’ve reached out to a few of the bodies listed as the endorsement bodies for this new visa, and received no response. My co-founder and I have incorporated a company in the UK and received a small pre-seed investment. We’re not yet revenue-generating though. Does this mean that I can apply for this Innovator Founder visa? I’ve received mixed advice as to what ‘trading’ means WRT revenue generating or not.

Hey Katelyn, have you got any updates regarding this situation? I’m having same exact issue, I’ve reached to one of the endorsing bodies and they informed me that if your company is registered in the UK already that does not make it eligible and you might have to establish another company under the idea you will apply with, otherwise your endorsement might be rejected… It’s a bit confusing, did you manage to find a straightforward way?

Hi Sheriff, indeed I do have an update! I reached out to the good folks at Innovator International ( - one of the ‘new’ Innovator Founder endorsers), and they clarified that as long as you are the founding member of the business, you may have commenced trading.

This rule is specifically to stop people “buying in” to an existing trading business.

I’d recommend reaching out to them directly if you’re still unsure, they’ve been really helpful :slight_smile:

Amazing news thank you! did you get your endorsement with’em?

I did! Now just trying to work out how I’ll do the Biometrics test, when I’m meant to be leaving Australia tomorrow… :sweat_smile: