New Applicant Dilemma

Hi everyone, I recently stumbled on the Global Talent Visa route and as a writer in the B2B SaaS industry, I was wondering what my chances of success would be if I tried to apply. I could probably get the three mandatory references but the other supporting documents are where my troubles lie. I am still young in the industry (<5 years) with no mentorship or volunteering under my belt. I switched from copywriting in ad agencies to tech writing 18 months ago and I have a few tech-related articles (<150) with my name in the mast head too. Thoughts?

Short but meaningful questions: Do you have a proven track record of …

  • Innovation
  • Contribution outside of your field
  • Impact / Significant contribution from your role
  • academic contributions through research

You need to select 2 of these.


Hi everyone, today makes it week 7 day 3 after I applied for my global talent visa. After the dreadful experience of waiting for so long, I got this email last night

I don’t understand what’s going on
My portal was and is still showing “submitted “

I think you should respond and show evidence you submitted. Quote tech nation reference number.

did that already. They insisted Tech nation claims not to have received my application. Had to resubmit, still awaiting outcome