Need suggestions on my Profile

Dear All,
Request your suggestions here as I am not from a technical background having major work experience in to Sales/Business Development not sure if I can also give it a attempt for GTV.

My current work profile is that I am a part of NBFC ( Non-Banking Financial Company) who is supporting corporates ( small & large companies) by providing them credit/Lease Funds arrangements so that they can upgrade to Latest Technologies i.e. Procuring IT Assets- Laptop’s, Desktops, Server Storage etc.

Basically it’s a Fintech/financial institution helping corporates to procure latest Tech assets available in the market which they can use for their Businesses/ Employees etc. by providing them financial flexibility.

My Role is more of establish connection with IT Suppliers, IT OEM’s - Dell, Lenovo , HP, Apple , Cisco etc. so that I can get some reference of thier clients and start explore if they need any assistance in procurement of latest Tech/ IT Assets so that my current company can provide funds/ Lease arrangements.

It’s more of sales profile which includes awareness of Latest Technologies.

I dont find issues in getting reference letters as I am connected with CTO’s of companies whom we have supported in procuring IT Assets/ Latest Tech.

I also keep on participating in Tech Events of IT OEM’s however not as a speaker.

Would appreciate some suggestions.

Regards .

@Francisca_Chiedu Please confirm if you have came across any Business Development profile getting endorsed.

My work experience is not from product led company it is more of providing funds to Clients/Corporates which they utilize to procure IT Assets/ Latest Technologies.

I will start preparing required documents.
Thank you.