Need Help: Please help me decide the evidence

Hi Guys, Hope you are having a wonderful day. I have been creating all the possible evidence that i can but now i am not able to categorize them in a proper way. So i will list down all of them there please if you can give me them a category(MC,OC1 …)

Basic information:
Applying for Exceptional Talent
Current working as a Lead/Manager of Product Design
Total 8+ years of experience

List of all Evidences.

1. Contract High Salary
In top 1%- Above the max range of glassdoor

2. Mentorship
Added a story why i did it, how my mentor helped my shape my career and why is it so important for me. Added links, screenshots, reference letters and link to public profile.

3. Instagram Community
Made it like a story as well Links, Screenshots of post views, value driven conversations. Giveaways etc.

4. Co-Founder at X
Worked since early 2023 - Invested $20k, Went live in Feb 2024, Have 120 Active users without any marketing. Completely Organic - 120 Is a decent number in this domain.
Mentions other Co-Founder as well. One of them is my wife who is data analyst and a marketing specialist. Can that be a plus point that dependent is talented as well?

5. ESOPs
I received at my previous company; It was not based on time you have to spend in the company; It was based on how much value you bring on the table and how innovative my ideas were. I communicated that well in the document. Added link to the CEO post on linkedIn and him explaining this same thing. ESOPs were given on a keynote event. Added link to that publication, photos of the event. Just to make it memorable There was a necklace given added photos of that and more other basic stuff.

6. Event participation
Participated at Gitex three years in a row as a exhibitor, I have images of badge and standing in a group photo. I was a very crucial member of this but i feel this evidence in reality its strong but can’t make it strong on paper. Maybe link it with reference letter?

7. Writing Articles on hackernoon.
Moderate view around 4k, 5k etc.

8. Award for ABC at X
One of the product i worked on Won price of most innovative solution in the region. There is publication for it but doesn’t mentions my name it. In the reference letter i got from the CTO of the same company he wrote a paragraph of my impact and ownership on this product and he mentioned because of that we won the award.

9. Innovative product - In Private Aviation.
Well worked on product related to private aviation, i explained this industry is super outdated and mostly done over whatsApp or phone calls, we not only automated the whole process but also move away from traditional ways of building mobile apps. The product was already based on ML but with the help of AI we were able to do wonders.

10. Design NoteBook
Create a notebook for designers, Added photos, Link to videos, Screenshot of views on Gumroad, Screenshot of sales that were made. Sold 80+ Copies (Released 3 months back)

11. Publication
I am working in Dubai, got a publication from my home country as a high skilled talent working abroad and doing wonders. Mentions my products that i worked has how it had a significant effect on companies and also mentions about my mentorships.

12. Hackathon
Won a hackathon back in 2020 but i don’t have any proof of it, Just one picture. I can ask the hackathon organizer to write a letter that i won, but nothing else.

13. Design System
Solved a biggest problem in design system. Made 1 design-system that cater for 3 products. Had a significant effect on the development cycle and design deliverables added numbers.

Please guide me on that what evidence should go in what category, is it good? How does the whole application sounds? Any suggestions/comments will be highly appreciated.

@Francisca_Chiedu Sorry for the random tag but your insights will be valuable.

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I think you should first start by reading tech nation guide. Your listed evidence suggests you don’t have understanding of how to meet the eligibility criteria. By the way, social media evidence are not really suitable. Once you read the guide, split your evidence into Mandatory and two optional criteria.

So far what you have listed are not sufficient evidence for talent. I hope this helps.