Need guidance on the ILR eligibility status with GTV

Dear Friends,
Need guidance on the ILR eligibility status.
I am on Global Talent Visa
BRP Date of Issue: 09-06-2021
BRP Valid Until: 20-06-2023 (2 years Visa fee paid)
Date of Landing in the UK: 13-09-2021
Duration of trips to India after landing in the UK
2 Oct - 10 Oct 2021: 9 days
29 May - 18 June 2022: 21 days
23 Sep -30 Oct 2022: 38 days
Now since my visa is GTV where a candidate is eligible to apply for ILR at the end of 3rd year, considering my above duration of absence from the UK, I want to know whether I will be eligible to apply for ILR after a year’s visa renewal or should I consider applying for 2 years visa renewal along with my dependents since my date to enter the UK was 3 months later than the date of issue printed on BRP? I went through the UK Gov guidance once but appears to have so many details there.

Where you absent for 180 days in any of the period?

No, Francisca. I wasn’t.
Thanks for responding.

@Francisca_Chiedu so does it mean I shall go ahead with another year of visa renewal and then apply for ILR around 20/06/2024?

If it is not up to three years then apply for a year.