Need guidance for OC2

Dear members,

just to give you a brief, I am a co-founder of a start-up my 2nd ET application is refused but the good thing TN accepted my reference letters and few more evidences but they didnt like the way I presented OC3. although i included technical details of IoT device and face recognition project but those project not the part of my startup but I delivered them.

I am thinking to chose OC2, I am engaged with a university as a visiting faculty and its not the part of my job also I am not charging them for teaching and my classes are mostly happening twice a month only on Saturdays. my lectures are not recorded but I can request university to record 1-2 and send me the video. Do you guys think that this can be used as a valid evidence of mentorship? I can get a letter form the university about my on going engagement with them


can you please give your expert option on it?

Hi @Shani please read below guidance for OC2: only university evidence is not sufficient. You also need to show a consistent record of mentoring as per the guidance.

You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution.

Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient. When mentoring alongside other mentors (for example at a top-tier accelerator) you must have been a senior mentor that may be evidenced through a letter of reference from the programme.

Dear @pahuja,

Thank you for your advise, my engagement with university is consistent or I can say its a part of structured programme but I never did any mentorship with any accelerator. I think if i use this then it will be a very weak evidence.

do you have any sample evidence of mentorship??

@Shani understood.

  • You can use the university mentorship evidence if you can demonstrate it is structured program, has a selection criteria and cite impact of your mentorship so far.
  • a letter from someone at the university stating your mentorship contribution and impact.
  • the above will not be sufficient to clear OC2 though. You will need atleast one more strong evidence that clearly demonstrates OC2

I actually think OC3 is the easiest to prove compared to OC2 which requires a track record of contribution to advancing the sector. Teaching in a university may work but which other evidence do you have to support it?

@pahuja thank you very much, I have 2-3 articles published in news paper and blogs and in my previous application i used them in MC and in next application if i use them in MC then i cant use them on OC2. I have to do something for talk in a conference… thank you for you guidance

@Francisca_Chiedu yes for me OC3 was easy tu defend and in my 1st refusal TN said that in OC3 face recognition and IoT device technical details are missing but this time they said this work was not the part of my product.

except university mentorship, i have articles published but those were used in MC and I think i cant use them in MC and OC2 both. I can publish few more articles which can cover the thought leadership part of OC2 i am not sure if I can get a strong evidence on talks on conference.

can you guide me with your experience if I have to opt OC2 what could a strong evidence for mentorship, talk on conference and published an article?

If you publish recent articles, it won’t be sufficient as recent evidence close the timing of your application are not acceptable. Also, you can’t use same evidence in multiple criteria.