Name on marriage certificate not consistent with name on Passport

Hello people,
This is my first time posting so pardon any errors.
I just got my exceptional talent endorsement and I am applying for the Stage 2. I have 3 names, firstname, middlename, surname, and this is clearly marked on my passport. However on my marriage certificate, I only used my first name and middlename. Would this be a problem proving that I am one and the same person? Would it cause problems for my wife? I also used firstname and middlename on my child’s birth certificate. Please let me know what you guys think.

It is not a problem. use the name of your passport. Just use the documents as they are. If they are unclear, they will ask for further evidence.

Thanks Francisca,
That helps. Also when paying for IHS for my defendants, I mistakenly chose Global Talent Immigrant Initial Application 3 years for my wife and son, instead of Global talent Partner (wife) and Global Talent Son. I ended up paying more for the NHS but that’s not the issue. Is there a way to notify the Visa Office of this mistake?