My TechNation Application - September 2020

Not needed. Only at TechNation application is enough.

Hi, i have a got a job offer is is better to apply as global talent or skilled worker. If i apply as global talent, and add the offer letter, and contract letter s evidence, does it increase my chances? Is there any other benefit for this over skilled worker visa beside the change of employer easily. What do you recommend?

ILR application takes same amount of time 5 years if you go through tech nation, it doesn’t bring it down to 3 years am i right?

ILR takes 5 years under the PROMISE route, but only 3 years for the TALENT route

This really depends on you. Both options are good choices and give you a chance to work in the UK market. The downside of skilled worker is the inability to change employers easy, however that may not be an issue if you don’t intend on changing employers and prefer to work with the same employer at least for the next 5 years. The Global Talent visa however gives you breathing space because your status in the UK is not dependant on your employer. It really comes down to your preference and goals in the UK. So its really up to you to weigh your options on which works for you.

@farooq0520 -

If you have a job offer at hand, you might be better off applying as a skilled worker right now. This is simply because applying for a TechNation visa needs a separate set of documents that you need to pursue and then there is the uncertainty of the outcome. However, with a skilled worked visa, the application process is relatively straight forward (your company’s lawyers will take care of it) and the outcome is also relatively on expected lines.

You can always switch to TechNation visa at a later date and enjoy the benefits that come with TechNation visa. The ILR eligibility for residence is accrued even in Tier 2, which means even if you apply for your TechNation visa and get it, the total time to ILR will be no more than 3 years from when you enter UK.

Of course, there is always a risk with this approach - what if TechNation visa ceases to exist? or the 3 year ILR eligibility changes? or the criteria changes? Any of these things could change in future, leaving you either better off or worse off than applying today.

On the other hand, if all your TechNation visa paperwork (i.e. evidences and LoR) is almost ready, you can potentially apply for the endorsement right away and get the response soon enough and you can enter on a TechNation visa itself.

Hope this gives you a balanced approach.

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Thanks @Shreeniwas_Iyer for the explanation, one quick question. If i apply for skilled worker visa and enter on that visa to the UK, so after 6 months i get the tech nation endorsement approved and i switch to the global talent visa, the time incurring for the ILR will be 3 years after the 6 months i am in the UK or it will incur from the date i enter UK on the skilled worker visa? so the total time would be 3 years or 3 years and 6 months to be considered for IRL? Please advise.

3 years total, AFAIK.

3 years total meaning even if i apply for global talent after 1 year in UK, it would still require extra 3 years or the 1st year would count?

The 1st year would count.

I have applied for the stage1 endorsement, do i need to send the documents to the UK home office as well? or only upload it to the TechNation website?

Only upload on Tech Nation Site. No need to send document to home office.

Hope you have sent the mail (with checklist document as attachment) to home office.

Your application will be processed only when you receive acknowledgement from both home office and Tech nation.

I haven’t send in anything yet, wasn’t sure. Below is the response i got from UK home office

Have you submitted the application on tech nation site ?
If not then you just have 15 days as the mail clearly mentions. Once you submit it, you will also receive acknowledgement from TN.

Hope it clarifies.

No i haven’t don’t it on TechNation site yet, i am going todo this today. I applied for the Global Talent endorsement yesterday on the UK home affairs. I hope it’s smooth like others here.


Do you have any active digital technology business(es) that you have established?

this answer would be YES, if i was the employee, or must be owner of the business?

Do you have any active digital technology business(es) that you have established?

this answer would be YES, if i was the employee, or must be owner of the business?

Owner or cofounder

Got it thanks, almost done with my application.

i finally submitted the Tech Nation site as well with all the documents, keep fingers crossed i hope to hear some good news.

All the best @farooq0520 :+1: