My profile got rejected for exceptional talent

As the subject says my profile got rejected.
Looks I did not package it well.

Filed on Sep 25 & result hardly took less than 3 days. (That’s the good part).

Out of 3 sections, one is mandatory & 2 optional.

They rejected in 2 sections (mandatory & one optional & cleared in another optional).


  1. No awards or rewards
  2. Technical papers does not has citations (they do I did not capture it but citations less than 20 may not care much).
    Although they agreed that the salary is higher side & recommendation alone won’t help (kinda mentioned).

I added the additional reference letters but they did not care about it much. I included on growth of non profit & business dev work. They did not care much.

For optional - product traction not mentioned & multiple product innovations needed.

At this point, decided to leave it & move to my plan B.

Appeal may not really help me. As I don’t have any awards & I cannot add new info, but will try but not positive.

Thanks every one for help.


Sorry about that. You could re-arrange your pieces of evidence and perhaps, get more as recommended in the feedback. Stay positive