My endorsement details for exceptional promise

First of all, I would like to thank @somdipdey , @May , @Francisca_Chiedu , @Ralph_Abboud , @westside , and all those who helped me to get endorsement.

I believe my application is not very professional and I had some typos in my evidence; moreover, Although I complied with the limit of 3 pages of my evidences, but I put multi pages into a single page and I think the assessor didn’t consider some of my evidences because of that.

Just as people in this forum helped me make my application, I also intend to help others succeed by sharing my application summary.

I submitted my application for exceptional promise on November 30, 2022 and I got the endorsement email on December 17, 2022.

I chose the following answers for the following questions on the application form:

Q. Please indicate your sector: Cybersecurity
Q. Please indicate your specialist skill: Research
Q. Highest formal education level completed: PhD in computer science
Q. Are you applying under the eligibility criteria for Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise?: Exceptional Promise
Q. What is the main reason you have chosen to apply for the route of ‘Exceptional Promise’ (rather than Exceptional Talent)? :
I got my PhD in computer science and technology 2 years ago and despite being active in digital technology for more than 5 years, I don’t have 5 years of work experience in this field after graduation.

Letters of Recommendation

• LOR1 - A Full professor who was my PhD supervisor in in the faculty of Computer Science.
• LOR2 - Associate Professor and Research Chair. He has been my mentor.
• LOR3 – CEO of a software company that I programed one of their android app.

My 7 pieces of evidence:

1- Teaching at University:
I teach key courses like AI, Java Programming, Systems at IAU university for 3 semesters. Proof 1:- employment letter, 2- support letter from computer department dean that I teach the mentioned courses. 3- some screenshots of university teacher panel website+ some pictures of different classes while I am teaching. And explain why teaching at university shows I have been recognized as a leading talent. And I explained my teaching impact and how contributes to the sector. I made clear that it was done voluntarily without payment.

2- High Salary
I provide “certificate of employment” and “salary statement”. I gave 3 website proves that shows my salary is in the top 25% my country salary payment that’s shows I am recognized as a leading talent that’s why I’m being paid well.

3- Reviewer
I explained this in a table with details with google drive links and I said this voluntary and out of official working hours I did reviews for 10 sci-indexed journals in my field. I explained how I contributed and what the impact is, and provided 3 proofs: 1 ORCID, web of science links, 2- screenshots of emails and review panel websites, 3- Official Reviewer Certificates. + citations and views of my reviewed works.

I explained this in a table with details (title, journal, date, main author or co-author) and official links and I explained that my 8 papers published in top-tier peer review journals and I explained my impact: citations, download and views with links. Besides, I explained one innovative algorithm.

5- Public Talk
I had a Talk in “codementor virtual events” few days ago with over 200 attendees about future camera systems with official link that has all detail about attendees and talk video is available on the website. + I had a 2 hours online workshop on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and NFTs with official link. And support letter. I explained the impact and how I contribute.

6- Research Endorsement letter
A letter from an associate professor with excellent reputation and high citations and he explained my contributions and skills and endorsed some of my related publications and mentioned that I am an exceptional research leader in cybersecurity. This person is not from my recommendation letters.

7- Contributions
I have developed an android app and shopping website that I prove it by official letters + code screenshots. and I explained my contributions and impact by metrics such as website rate and traffic and the app download numbers.

**This how I arranged my evidences **:

Mandatory Criteria (MC):
1- Teaching at University
2- Public Talk
3- High Salary
4- Reviewer
5- Contributions

Optional Criteria 2 ( OC2) : at least 1 example of proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field”:
1- Reviewer,
2- Public Talk,
3- teaching at university,
4- Contributions,

Optional Criteria 4 ( OC4 ) “Evidence of at least one significant contribution to the field in the form of a paper published in a top-tier peer-reviewed journal “.
1- Publications
2- Reviewer
3- Research Endorsement letter,

I hope these explanations are useful for you.
Wish you a successful TN GT visa application


Congratulations. To think you were just in the group recently trying to figure things out😁 Glad it worked out.


Congratulations @Sajjad_Bagheri_Baba

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Yes, you are right, a few months ago I didn’t even know there is a uk talent visa. Thank you again for your help and guidance; wish you all the best.

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Congratulations to you. This is really great. Just joined the forum today and I’m already learning a lot.

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Congratulations @Sajjad_Bagheri_Baba . You have a unique profile, and I hope others with research and academia background who don’t think they fit here for this visa will learn a thing or two from yours.

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Congratulations. This is amazing and helpful

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Wow, this is a very detailed explanation. Thanks for this.
I have one question please, did you repeat evidences for MC and OC2 because you mentioned Reviewer, Public Talk, Contributions and Teaching at a university under the 2 criteria, or you arranged your evidences such that you used some for MC and others for OC2.
Please explain how you did that. Thanks

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Yes I repeated some my evidences for different MC,OC2 and OC4. I couldn’t find any info in the official tech nation guide that we are not allowed to repeat the evidences; in addition, I saw many other successful applications that they also repeated the evidences.
But you should consider this point that the assessor will consider each evidence based on the specific rules for each criteria.

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Thanks for this, I will take note of it!

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For your LOR 1, Did the professor use school letterhead paper to write the recommendation letter for you?

Hi, I want to find out if the recommendation letter must be exactly 3 pages or can it be less?

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The letter can be 3 pages or less, it’s the quality of the letter that matters to cover all the areas the guideline has stipulated. Some of my letters weren’t up to 3 pages. Better to have a 2 page quality letter that meets all the TN guideline than 3 pages of junk.


Alright thank you @May

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Congratulations! Well deserved. :blush: :blush: :blush:

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thank you so much :rose: :rose: :rose:

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Congratulations Sajjad… :+1: :partying_face:

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Congratulations Sajjad!

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Thank you dear friend

Hi @Sajjad_Bagheri_Baba,
Share me the websites you used in proving your salary is in the top %