My application for talent endorsement was rejected today


So while my application for talent endorsement was rejected today, is it possible to convert my application to endorsement for promise instead? I plan to submit the review for the decision anyways but are conversions allowed or has anyone in the past received an assessment which says the profile is a better fit for promise instead?


Hello. Sorry to hear that.

It is not guaranteed that your application will go to the same assessor, nor other experts assess it the same way. The assessment process is quite subjective.

If your overall experience is like 6-7+ years, your application will be assessed as Talent anyway.
Unless you convince the expert that you didn’t have any tech experience and background before and worked in a completely different area.

The better way is to share your overall profile, the list and a brief description of the LoR, MC and OC documents you provided. And the full text of the rejection. Then we can look at it and maybe suggest the grounds for appeal or the new application.

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I like to ask, must an applicant have a formal degree in Tech to apply? I do not have a formal degree in Tech; my undergrad is in accounting, but I have since transitioned to tech, have learned a lot of tech skills, have built projects in tech, and I am currently working in tech.

@Ifeanyi_Idiaye, no, it is not required to have a tech degree.

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Thanks, what about income level? Do I need to be on a particular salary level to qualify for the exceptional promise? because I did see something about Tech nation requiring financial details from one’s employment contract, to know how much a person earns.

No. Your income is the last thing they pay attention to.

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What were the reasons for the rejection?

Income level mostly is not considered, however, there’s a reason why the MC has a criterion that sounds like this; 'You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings". There’s an emphasis on ‘high salary’. So whatever your income, just show some context that by your country standards, its high enough. I have seen some who was rejected because his renumeration was not high enough for a leader in tech. Cheers

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A friend recently applied for Exceptional Talent, but was not endorsed. This was 3 weeks ago. Upon applying for a review, he then got endorsed, but for promise. This I learnt today. Wish you all the best.