Must personal statement be 1000 words?or can it be a bit more

Hello guys,
I am finding it challenging to limit my personal statement to 1000 words, 1 have about 1500 words

@Abiola, I believe you’re exceptionally talented to fit it below 1000 words :laughing:

If to tell serious, try to take less relevant things away. The field in the form counts the words, and I don’t think it will let you put more than 1000 words there.


To add to what @Savvkinhas said, you can’t have more that 1,000 words. Start by deleting things that are already in on your CV and personal statement. No point repeating things they can find in other documents, emphasis more of your plans in the Uk and why you want to come to the Uk. How you will contribute to the tech sector, all that should not exceed a 1,000 words.