Multiple criteria, single evidence

Hello everyone.

Is there any suggestions, how should I tag a single evidence, that proofs multiple aspects for multiple criterias?

For example, I have single reference letter (not the one of 3 required recommendation letters) that tells about two companies, contains MC (led 1st company, led R&D team in 2nd company) and at the same time OC1 (designed product, prototypes created, grants awarded) and OC3 (processes established, code written, mil. people impacted, capital/revenue raised).
Same for screenshots - it’s both OC1 (product designed) and OC3 (code written).
Or news clippings, showing both OC1 (what’s the innovation) and OC3 (How does it impact).

I can’t split in strictly into 3 documents for MC, 3 documents for OC1, 3 documents for OC3.

Best wishes,