More information required

Good day everyone, I will like to know if you have received this kind of Mail :point_right:t2:The UK Decision Making Centre is currently assessing the application submitted by the above named. We are unable to conclude the application at this time as we require additional information.

Please provide the following documents:

• Certificate of qualifications that relate to the role you are applying for under your CoS
• Previous experience in the role you are applying for under your CoS
• Evidence of how you have applied for this role?
• Where was the job advertised?
• Were you interviewed for this role? If so how was the interview conducted?
• Evidence of where you will be residing in the UK
• Do you have any friends or family in the UK? If so please provide their full details and relationship to you.
• Your contract of employment

is this application for a Global Talent Visa?

Yes it’s , do you have any idea about it ?

Oh this is surprising. Is this for the lead applicant or dependent?

It’s for the lead applicant.

is your global talent in digital technology or sciences? Did you already get an offer from a university to lecture or research?

This sounds like a Tier 2 visa questions. Global talent visas do not require COS. It is possible it was sent in error.