Monzo bank statement for ILR application

Has anyone used Monzo bank statements to satisfy the financial requirements for ILR application? I’ve seen mixed posts; some suggest there’s no issue, while others claim that Monzo bank statements are not accepted by the Home Office. If you have any insights or personal experiences with this, could you please share?

Is Monzo your salary account? If so it shouldn’t be an issue. Beside you need to submit other evidence like payslips and letter from employer to prove your earnings

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No, Monzo isn’t my salary account. I receive my salary in another account, which I solely use for that receiving salary. Monthly, I transfer a portion of my budget from that account to Monzo for my everyday transactions. Essentially, all my daily transactions occur through Monzo. I’m considering submitting both my salary account and Monzo account. Also, would it be acceptable to only submit my salary account, even though it doesn’t display my daily transactions?

It’s your salary account that is required.

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Thanks a lot @Francisca_Chiedu