Mixed Consulting and Product led Engineer experience

Hi All, I have a doubt if i can apply for Technation endorsement if i have mixed experience as a software engineer in both consulting as well as product led firms. My previous experience includes working in UK on a tier 2 visa for a product firm. But i also have experience largely working with consulting firms.

How can i explain which experience is which?
Does the experience have to be strictly in product led firms?

I tried asking this to the TNVisa department, and they guided me to this forum.

Thanks in Advance.

I’ll say you’ll need to provide more info about your work.

  1. Which position are you currently in now? Product-led or consulting?
  2. How many years experience do you have in total?
  3. How many years have you spent in product-led work and how many have you spent in consulting? A series or concurrent?

Depending on your answers to the above and on which optional criteria you choose the focus would need to be on your product-led-based work. It won’t hurt to show in your CV that you’ve had consulting experience in the past (again an assumption here pending your answers to the questions).

  1. I am currently doing Consulting for a US Bank.
  2. 12 Yrs of total experience as a Developer as independent consultant as well as working in consulting firms.
  3. 3+ Yrs of Product lead experience in multiple companies with seed funds, i left at Series A.

Depending on how recent you did the product development related work (within the last 5 years) it should be the main focus of your application.

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