Mandatory criteria please help review

Hi everyone,

Kindly help me review my mandatory criteria if its okay. Please see below:

Mandatory criteria:

Evidence of my contribution building an innovative technology for Cyber-Threat Intelligence&Threat Hunting. screenshot of the designs I did for Cyber-Threat Intelligence&Threat Hunting dashboards, blog post on APT) and national award my company received for being the most innovative technology firm 2022(news clipping and links).

Evidence of my contribution towards the cyber security ecosystem by a group of experts acknowlegements through commendation letters and snapshot of the award I received.

Evidence of high salary offer letter for my job.

@Francisca_Chiedu @Maya please help review my mandatory criteria

Hello @Dolly

Mandatory in the guide is explained as below :

Normally this is highlighting your recognition, you being known, emerging in the field. I see these evidences tend to showcase your impact (Optional Criteria) more than your (Recognition in the field)

If the article or award mention your name, this will boost your chances and my feedback on this might be different. And if not, better to checkout other potential evidences.

Please re-read the guide and i will leave this to my colleagues to add their views or perspectives that might differ from mine.

maybe list your full profile, including 10 evidences to check out your application in depth.

Best of luck

Please is it compulsory we attach the cv of the people writing the recommendation letters or links to there linkedin profile is enough? Please this is urgent

Seems clear that the answer is yes:

The letters must also:

  • Be typed and dated
  • Be up to 3 single sides of A4 paper, excluding the author’s credentials and contact details
  • Be signed by the author, or by someone on behalf of the organisation recommending you
  • Include a telephone number and email address, and the organisation’s logo and registered address, if applicable
  • Come with the author’s CV (or other proof of their credentials that the endorsing body will accept)