Mandatory criteria - Is work length valid?

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of evidencing my mandatory criteria for the exceptional promise route, and I will appreciate your feedback.

I have been with company1, a digital product lead company (working as a Software Engineer) for only 7 months.
Before joining company1, I’d already worked for another company2, digital product lead company for 1yr plus.

My Question;
I have enough evidence from company1 that satisfies the below mandatory criteria, but can I use them in my application since I’ve only been with company1 for 7 months?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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You can show evidence for work you’ve done within the past 5 years. The guideline, however, states that: Contributions which have been made solely to support the timing of your application are unacceptable.
As long as you’ve a track record of working in the field over the past 5 years, it looks fine to use projects in your current workplace where you can demonstrate leadership for MC.


You can use evidences from company 1 even though you joined the company 7 months ago, but you need to prove how your contribution within the last 7 months impacted the product’s success. As a software engineer, you need to state the success of the feature you worked how(and maybe a reference letter to back it up). All in all, may sure your evidence correlates.