Mandatory Criteria - Help please


I am applying as a marketing leader in a digital tech firm. For the mandatory criteria, I am struggling a bit in terms of what documents to submit… Here is what i have so far

Since i have worked with digital tech firms and revenue etc is confidential, I cannot share those. However here is wat i can share

  • A letter from the Sales leader in a previous company of the BU i led talking about my contribution and how it impacted revenue and customer growth in the region
  • Salary + RSU + Bonus of my current job .

My questions

  • What salary amount is considered high? I was reading 70-90k pounds per annum? If i convert my salary in to pounds and it falls in to this range does that work?
  • Will salary + one letter suffice?
  • Any other suggestions what other documents as a marketing professional I can submit given i cannot share revenue data/customer data from the company ( even tho i have access to them) to strengthen my case.


Hi Katie,

I don’t represent TechNation, but I will hazard reasonable guesses for the questions you present:

As for salary, £70-90K is a pretty reasonable start point. If you are a Sales leader and have sales incentives, present that plan to strengthen your case.

Mandatory criteria will not be fulfilled purely by showing salary. Mandatory criteria is subjective and you would have to show evidence that you are “recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector”. So, just salary and one letter to prove your mandatory criteria seems weak to me. All your recommendation letters and a good portion of your evidences must point to you being a “leading talent” in digital technology.

Please check with your company on whether the confidentiality clause applies to Immigration needs too. Perhaps your company might be willing to present sales data for such requirements. However, if your company is strict about it, see if they are willing to permit a letter that quotes your contributions in abstract terms - i.e. “Katie brought in 7-figure USD sales for us in the last year”, or “Katie contributed to a 120% increase in sales in this division leading to us being the fastest growing company in this sector” or something to that effect. Such statements should leave enough clues to the contributions you have made and the business impact it had, even though exact numbers are not presented.

(In my case I received a trade secret award, and since the trade secret itself couldn’t be revealed, Legal team wrote a letter, addressed to TechNation/Home Office, outlining how many such awards have been granted in our history, showing exclusivity, and the business impact it made, showing value.)

If your company is unwilling to even present such numbers, then I guess you are going to struggle to establish your case, to be honest. After all, you need something that you are willing to present as reasonable evidence to show the value you have generated.

The one letter that I have states that through marketing efforts brought xx number of new clients and xx% increase in business revenue yoy.

I can do another similar letter from another leader in another role i managed. Unfortunately i don’t have any external awards. However I do get invited to speak at external forums. Wondering if that can be used in the mandatory category?

brought xx number of new clients and xx% increase in business revenue yoy

This is a good start. See if you can also add a hint about the $$ value. Even if you can present the rough order of magnitude, I feel your case will be strengthened.

Yes, being invited to speak at external forums could potentially add up to the mandatory criteria. It depends on how often you are invited and how it is presented as evidence.

My suggestion is to collect all evidence showing you as “talented” and then categorise them into the right buckets. This way if there is an evidence that doesn’t directly add to the mandatory criteria, but shows you as talented, that could add to your application’s strength.