Mandatory criteria — Feedback Request

I am trying to understand whether my mandatory criteria is strong enough. It is for exceptional promise.

In my mandatory criteria:

1 - I am adding my startup which I started recently. I researched on this as part of my dissertation. It is supported by a letter from academics. Adding company registration etc. if I get support microsoft and nvidia which I am expecting then it will basically support it. I also applied for IP of trademark for name of product/methodology.

2- I was a PM at a company. I made significant technical contributions and leadership of 15 people. Add product success and my work on them proof. Also adding screenshot of colleagues recommendations on LinkedIn to support leadership defending.

3- I led my final year project in undergrad in 2021, which was nationally recognised and funded. It also has a strong academic support.

I will appreciate feedback.

  1. How recent is recently? Evidences gotten close to the time of your application would pose as a problem.

  2. Product success should include stats that can be verified and a letter of reference will help solidify your application.

  3. Also explain how leading can show exceptional ability, add a reference letter too.

Hi @LizzyOrji ,

1- My startup was incorporated this week we also got enrolled into Microsoft startup programme but I have been researching on the technology for nearly a year as part of my dissertation. Multiple professors talk about this via reference letters. I am expecting that we’ll get into Nvidia programme as well. The startup is growing fast and I am expecting more funding. We also registered for an IP of Trademark of product/methodology name.

I was planning on adding the screenshot or explanation of the uniqueness of the product/startup to further solidify.

Do you think that it will be fine ?

2- I have letters that talk about success which is quantitative and also providing the screenshots, links, and related financial statements as support from respective companies.

Recent evidence are considered week. If your startup launch is close to the time of your application then it is considered a week evidence.