Maintenance Requirements for Partner

Hi All,

Does offer letter + 1 (first month) salary transaction qualify for maintenance requirements ?

This popped up on my partner’s documents page :frowning: She has to provide proof that her sponsor (me) meets the maintenance requirements and one of the sub-points mentions that the funds should be on the account for more than 90 days…

I’m worried that I don’t have any funds for 5 years on my bank account but have a great salary though. What are the chances of getting visa refusal ?


Where on the application does it ask for this information? This was not included on my partner’s visa. We did not provide, though we have not submitted our biometrics yet (waiting on appointment).

To the best of my knowledge, there is no financial requirement for the partner of a GTV visa.

To confirm, you should review the UKVI rules for dependents on GTV route. Here they are. To confirm, at the time of our application I did not see financial requirements, so I did. not include any details on my finances: