LoR Submission during stage 1

Kindly advise During submission of LoR. System is allowing to upload only one file. Then how to upload Recommender CV.

I am not sure i get your question. Is this on Tech Nation’s site? I

There is no option to upload Recommender CV separately. The “CV”/profile of the recommender should either be part of the recommendation letter itself, or the document should prominently have a link to their LinkedIn/some-other-online profile.

The way it worked in my recommendation letters was one section, something like “I am the CEO of XYZ, which…” and then the LinkedIn link either in the header, or in the signature.

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I am in the similar situation. I have received the letters, but then the link to linkedin is missing.
I created the separate document with all contact details/CV of recommenders.
Is there any way, I can make one copy having letter & contact details instead of going back to recommenders and asking to it again?

There’s a way you can merge documents to become one.

I’m assuming the LoRec comes in PDF
Save the contact doc you created as PDF also
Then combine the two docs together to become one.

If you can’t do that, it may be good you reach out to the recommender for updating the letter

My view though (I may be incorrect)

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