LoR related queries

Dear all,
Can anyone please clarify for me that the 3 Letters of Recommendations should from 3 different companies only? Plus, those letters need to be on letterhead?

Help would be much appreciated!

Yes. They should be from three different individuals who hold senior positions in their organization. All three organizations should be different. They should also be letterhead.

From the official guide:

Three letters of recommendation from three different well-established organisations acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field.

Each person who writes a letter for you must:

Thanks for the swift response @pete_rock. And senior position as in only C suite? Or technical architect or my manager can also recommend?

director, cto or senior developer/architect level

Okays… Once again, many thanks @pete_rock for quick responses :grinning:

I asked within my company for giving me recommendation letter, so what shall I do now?

My company’s HR says that they don’t have policies to give anybody reference/recommendations on letter head or anything though it’s a well known company across the world which includes UK also. And I have worked with 2 well known companies(out of which 1 is not being helpful in providing LoR) and have 6 years of experience. Can someone please help me out/give ideas from where would I able to collect LoR?

Please help!

The letter doesn’t need to be from only companies you’ve worked at and the letter head is not a must.

Look for people who you’ve known for a considerable amount of time professionally who are in senior positions in their current organisation’s and request them to give you an LoR.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @s.dee for your response.

Also I wanna know, while reading I came across through 4 routes to apply for GTV. I am from IT background, so can anyone advice which of the following routes will be best suited for me:

  1. Academic or Research Appointment
  2. Individual Fellowship
  3. Endorsed Funder
  4. Peer review

where did you see this. It seems you are looking at a different document. Best to follow the Tech Nation guide.

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu, I came across this link https://talentvisahelp.com/letter-of-recommendation-tier-1-exceptional-talent/ while researching about Global Talent Visa.

This blog was setup by a Tech Nation visa Alumni, he stopped updating it. So you may not get current information as the guide is always updated. Follow the official tech nation guide, see link below.

@Francisca_Chiedu ya, okay. Thanks for drawing me back to the right place. Really appreciate your help :grinning: