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I’m sorry but this is an extension to a question posted previously by someone else but I don’t know how to tackle it

According to the official guidelines

Three letters of recommendation from three different well-established organisations acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field.

They require 3 LORs from 3 different organisations.

My problem is that I have only ever worked in 1 organization I am in right now and I was hired there directly from college during my internship (again with the same org)
So, the only people I know are from the current organization, although they are highly skilled in their fields.

Can I do something about this? Or can I use their LORs and somehow try and explain why I could only produce those?

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It would make sense to have ONLY one letter from your organization. For your other 2 letters of recommendation, you would need to look into your network.

Please understand your letters do NOT have to come from your previous employers. I wonder if this is what you are getting wrong?

You should probably be able to have other people in the ecosystem who can recommend you.
Have you volunteered for any ecosystem player, Can they talk about you?
Were you on a project for your employer? Can the client talk about you?
Do you have friends who are considered leaders in the field? Can they talk about you?
How about Mentors?

The point is that you likely have various options of people who know you and know your work. The challenge is to make sure these people are considered leaders in the field themselves.

Wishing you the very best.

Yes indeed, that was what I presumed that I have to have worked with/ employed by them.
I do have friends in my network although no clients as I have been working in a product company.

All my mentors have mostly been within my company only.

Follow up question, my company recently went through a change in name like Facebook did.
eg. I was working at company B, and it was an individual company. Presently, there are three companies - A,B,C, and B & C come under company A.
Since I’m working with company B, will people working with company A and C be considered as 3 different organisations?

Eg. I was employed by Instagram, and now, Facebook owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. If I take LORs with people from all 3, are they 3 different organisations?
Except the part that they were all started by the same CEO.

Thank you so much for your response

As a tech leader, despite having worked in one employment, there ought to be other people you interact with in the tech ecosystem, or field, outside of your organisations.

Tech Leaders, influencers, CEOs, mentors, who you are in good relationship and they know your work in the tech space. These are good examples.

Tech Nation requires that you provide evidence of work or contributions outside your normal office work which contributes to the advancement of the field. Stuff around being on a panel, or judging the work of others or speaking at tech related events, or non-profit events that arw tech related. This interaction will not go without you leaving an impact.

The heads of organizations that organise these events can recommend you so long they have invited you for their events as a key contributor, or they know your work already.

My recommendation is that you go outside of thess organisations to get the 3 letters of recommendations.

For other letters that attest to work your contributions in these companies, you can get it from supervisors, colleagues or executives in the companies. All the best.

Thank you so much @Blase.Ironclad .
I will try and find people in the ecosystem.

Also, I wanted some clarity on the number of evidences I can submit.
Is it 3 LORs + 10 evidence or 3 LORs + 7 evidences?

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3 LORs + 10 Evidences + Resume + Personal statement.