Looking for feedback on my profile (Exceptional talent) business applicant

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and I am moved by the support people get here from each other. I have been planning to apply for the TN GTV and I have prepared my evidences and recommendation letters. I wanted to get some feedback from the community members on my profile to see if i have a chance of getting endorsed.

Summary: I am an event technology professional with over 13 years of experience with some of the largest event technology companies in the world. Out of those 13 years, I have spent the last 11 years in event technology sales roles. Currently, I am on a skilled worker visa working with a leading event technology company which I joined an year ago as a Senior Sales Account Executive. Event technology is all i have done in my career and I want to help start ups with innovative ideas around event technology to help scale and streamline large events. Scaling events will have a direct impact on the UK digital economy.

Recommendation letters:

  1. From one of the co founders of a leading event tech company which I worked with
  2. From one of the leading event tech leaders in the world who has been a CEO, Founder and GM of several event tech companies
  3. My ex Director of Sales who is also at an event tech company

All the recommendation letters highlight the revenue I generated, clients I brought onboard, things I did to grow the company as well as various initiatives I took for sales like speaking at company user conferences and seminars.

Mandatory Criteria:

1 - Sales growth at last company with screenshots of sales dashboard, monthly targets, high salary and commision.
2 - High remuneration through screenshots of offer letter of the current company with salary slips showing big sales commissions. Salary slips of the last company showing big commissions.
3 - Growth at another event tech company. This one has a great story as this was during COVID 19. We switched from in person events to virtual events and the company was going through a tough phase. However, i started a series of virtual events to educate event planners on how to manage virtual events. It was a great hit and was attended by hundreds of event planners globally. I have attached screenshots of the youtube recording of me hosting those webinars with other industry leaders

Optional Criteria 1: Contribution

1 - Contribution to the current employer. Screenshots of sales dashboards, growth numbers verified my the leaders of the company in the recommendation letter. Photos of me speaking at the user conference.
2 - Contribution to the ex employer. Sales numbers, photos of me presenting at their client seminars, screenshots of me representing the company at webinars, photo of me accepting an award for sales achievement, Photos of me sharing my sales as case study at a large company wide event

Optional Criteria 2- Recognition

1 - Me speaking at a large industry conference. It was in person with total number of attendees over 250 as well as screenshots attached of the media coverage. Also attached a picture of the event journal where I was mentioned as a speaker with other industry leaders

2- Me speaking at a large virtual industry conference. Attached screenshots of youtube videos of the session and screenshots of the media coverage in 2 online magazines.

3 - Me giving a guest lecture on event technology at an institute with photos and a screenshot of the email from the dean of that institute thanking me for that lecture. It was an institute of event management in India.

I would really appreciate if i can get feedback based on the above. Do you think a profile like this has a chance to get endorsed?

Hi Pawan

My 2 cents-
The third reco letter seems little weak + madatory criteria needs to be stregthened in line to the requirement. All the best

The mandatory criteria is mostly about your contribution to the company. What other evidence of recognition do you have, speaking event at high profile conference? Awards, and industry control?

I don’t think you meet the criteria for innovation as you are not a founder or senior executive. I would suggest you got for OC3 impact as the product may not be considered innovation enough.

For the speaking event, where you invited because you work in event technology? What was the reason you were asked to speak?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu @abhi For your thoughts. I just recieved my endorsement under exceptional talent. Sorry for the delay in posting my response. My endorsement request was rejected and I was disappointed and lost hope however, I applied for a review and it came through today. I will post all the details of my journey so it can hopefully help others. Thank you again for all the help.

Congratulations. Glad I could help

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu How have you been? I am waiting for my stage 2 decision (application submitted on 23rd Jan 2024 and biometrics on 1st Feb 2024 within UK). I just received a confirmation of submission and that the home office aims to decide on my application by 20th March. I haven’t heard anything ever since. However, I noticed a couple of edits on the tech nation portal. One on 6th Feb and another one today, 8th March 2024. I am wondering if it is normal to get the edits after stage 1 endorsement has been received. I am hoping this doesn’t mean anything bad or the fact that Tecn Nation is again reviewing my endorsement application. Is this normal? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

Your profile may still be checked after an endorsement. This can be for reference or training purposes. No worries.

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I don’t see the point worrying and tracking your tech nation application for when you have gotten endorsement. We don’t know for sure why people get edits after a decision has been made but I won’t worry as tech nation has access to your data for 5-6 years or so before it is destroyed.

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Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu this is reassuring. I hope I get the decision soon.

Thanks @Gbemiga_Adelola This helps.

Hi there - i am preparing my submission for exceptional talent (business side) and just wanted to ask you if you posted further on this?

also were the 9 evidentiary points in your original post the total extent of what you submitted? (in addition to the recommendation letters)?

Congratulations on your endorsement and hopefully your Home Office decision arrives shortly!

@sethny I haven’t posted the details yet but i was going to once I get my decision. However, I am happy to help. I did submit 9 evidence files plus 1 additional recommendation letter which was submitted as the 10th piece of evidence. My endorsement application was rejected in the first go but it was accepted later when I filed an appeal.

Just received my decision letter and I have ben successful. I will post details of my journey shortly. Thank you so much for all your help.

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@eventtechpro Will be waiting for the full details. Congratulations to you.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your help and support. Here is a timeline as well as details around my application:

3rd November 2023 - Submitted the application for expectional talent to tech nation
6th November 2023 - First edit
13th November 2023 - Application rejected
21st November 2023 - Filed an appeal
1st December 2023 - Endorsement received
23rd January 2024 - Filed visa application
1st February 2024 - biometrics submitted
13th March 2024 - Visa approved and now waiting for BRP

Detailed Summary:

I am an event technology sales professional with over 14 years of experience. Throughout my career, I have worked with product lead companies. When I came across the global talent visa, I thought I would try and took help from an agency who has expertise in GTV. After a thorough check of my public profile as well as work experience, I started working on collating all the evidences and recommendations. My optional and mandatory criteria evidences are listed in my original post above. I have spent a lot of time in the industry and did several engagements from being a speaker at industry events as well as giving guest lectures at event technology institute. I had evidence to prove all these engagements. I think my recommendations were also quite strong as they came from CEO’s of some of the most prominent event technology companies. Honestly, when my endorsement application was rejected for the first time, I was heartbroken. However, when I looked at the feedback carefully, I felt that the application needed to be looked at again. I spent time looking at the feedback and created an appeal application which eventually worked and I got the endorsement on 1st December 2023.

I hope this summary was helpful and if there is anything else I can do to help anyone then I would be happy to.