Looking for feedback on my profile (Exceptional Promise) Data Science domain

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and overwhelmed by the support people get here from each other. I am planning to apply for the exceptional promise GTV. I wanted to get some feedback from the community members on my profile to see if I have a chance of getting endorsed.

Brief Summary: I hold a post-graduate in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with a bachelors in Information and Communication Technology. I have 3 years of experience as a Senior Data Engineer (at a tech subsidiary of the central bank) and 1 year as a Data Scientist Manager (At a financial service company). I feel my professional involvement in digital technology and academic background in the same field will help to strengthen my application. Here are the details that I am planning to have for the application.

Precondition: I have worked mostly in companies where the data, code and technology are Intellectual property (IP) and can not be shared outside the organisation. I also had a signed non-disclosure for the same. Kindly keep this in mind and suggest some alternatives if required.

Recommendation letters

  1. One from the CEO or Vertical head of the company
  2. One from the Senior Vice president or the portfolio owner of the company
  3. My Reporting manager

All recommendations will highlight my work for the organization and how it has/is helping the sector. It will most likely mention my innovation work done during the tenure

Mandatory Criteria (3 documents)

  1. Document the work that I have contributed to the company and the scale of impact on the financial sector. This will include various consolidated reports, framework snippets, lines of code etc. (also will be backed in the reference letter) (Evidence #1)
  2. Reference letter from the CEO or vertical head of the company where I have worked. (Evidence #2)
  3. Participation in a panel as a judge member for a hackathon with 170+ teams. (Invitation, certificate of appreciation and photos of me at the event) (Evidence #3)

Optional criteria 1 (3 documents)

  1. Document of innovation done in the field of finance by implementing a new technology framework. This will include code/work snippets with the impact on the financial sector (Evidence #4)
  2. Reference letter from Manager/delivery manager to back the evidence 1 (Evidence #5)
  3. Salary increment in last 4 years and 3 promotions I have received. Along with a top rating in the company and getting an award from the CEO of the company. (Evidence #6)

Optional Criteria 3 (2 documents)

  1. Developed/contributed a data architecture framework from scratch for the company. Documentation, design framework, my contribution and its impact. (Evidence #7)
  2. Reference letter from a Senior Data Scientist/Manager/Senior Business Analyst to back point 1. (Evidence #8)

Here’s my LinkedIn profile in case you need further information
kindly connect

I would appreciate it if I could get any feedback on the above point. Also, suggest if I need to add/modify any specific documents. Do you think a profile like this has a chance to get endorsed?

@alex_james just tagging a few members and others.

Can someone help me here? Your guidance will be very helpful.

LoR3: Can you have someone else? There’s wording about reference letters from immediate managers not being a good evidence. It may not apply to LoRs but it’s not worth the risk

MC2: it’s the same person as LoR1 - will they say something diffferent?
MC: You can add salary here if it’s higher than normal

OC1 is about innovation, and technilcal innovation in your case. I’m not sure implementing an existing tech framework in your jobs counts as innovation since you need to create something new.
Salary evidence belones in MC more.

OC3: Can you provide more evidence? One peice of evidence and one reference letter may not be enough. If possible prefere evedence over letters.

I can see you have chosen the innovation category but your evidences are trying to highlight your achievement which does not support the requirements of innovation.

This is about defending what you have done is Unique and how it is unique with visible and quantified evidences if possible. Short, and concise reasoning in my opinion is crucial here.


Thank you @reachusama for your reply. The innovation is the first time envisioned/implemented in India. Is it considered an innovation? as nobody from the country has ever worked on it. I will keep in mind your advice on how to quantify it with evidence.

Thanks, @hsafra for your reply.

LoR3 - Noted. I found someone else whom I have worked with and he is ready to give me a letter. He is a CXO level.

MC2 and LoR1 are different persons

If I give salary evidence under MC don’t you think the OC1 would become slightly weak? I would have only 1 evidence and 1 reference letter in that category.

OC3 - Yes i am thinking of 2 evidence and 1 reference letter.

“You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services” is under MC. The salary information in OC1 is more around proving that you worked at the company and that it may have paied you special bonuses around innovation.

As I understand the stated evidences for OC1 they prove impact (OC3) more than innovation.
You need to detail something new that was created by you

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I believe country would not matter, as long as you can evidence it and it fulfils the criteria from tech nation. Also remember to show authentic illustrations, screenshot or visible evidence with links whenever possible.

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As you are not a senior executive or founder, how do you show in OC1 that you are working in a new digital field

Thank you for your reply @Francisca_Chiedu. I have a piece of evidence which shows the impact of the entire project and how my contribution/innovation has helped the project in execution and its impact in the digital sector. The same impact will be backed by a reference letter for OC1.

you didn’t answer my question, how is this a new digital field. OCI, innovation is not about impact.

Apologise @Francisca_Chiedu if I was not clear in the last reply. I will rework on the OC1 part and get back.

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