Looking for an application review


I would love to run my draft application by the community here for feedback before applying. Mostly regariding the mandatory and optional criteria.

I’m going for the Global Talent (Exceptional Talent) visa.

Some quick context, I’m employed as a Data Engineer II and CTO of a very early stage startup in London.

A- Reference letters (all know me personally and have directly worked with me at different companies)

1- IEEE Author / Principal Engineer / Affiliated with Qualcomm
2- Director of Engineering
3- Staff Engineer
4- Technology Lead - EMEA at an etablished cloud firm

B- Personal statement:

1- Details my journey so far including my jobs and and startups
2- Answers the required questions

C- CV:

1- Current CTO at PropertyCard (joined at idea stage and built the team and product)
2- 5 years full time experience (Software/Data Engineer)
3- 1 year part time experience (Data Science) during my masters degree
4- Masters in Business Analytics from QS Top 10 program (QS 2020 rankings)

D- Mandatory Criteria:

1- LoRs
2- Press releases below
3- CTO contract (showing share ownership)
4- Startup patent (in the name of the startup founder, his idea my tech)
5- High salary compared to Data Engineer Salary in United Kingdom in 2024 | PayScale

E- Up to 10 pieces of evidence [these are more than 10, to be filtered]

1- [OC 2] Press Release: Business Cloud Top 9/50 [Revealing UK’s PropTech 50 for 2022]
2- [OC 2] Press Release: Negotiator Awards[Shortlist 2022 - The Negotiator Awards 2023]
3- [OC 2] Press Release: How we’re working with PropertyCard to help people manage property payments easily
4- [OC 2] Full list of press releases: https://www.propertycard.com/newsroom
5- [OC 2] AWS FinTech Accelerator email of acceptance
6- [OC 2] Patent [PCT/GB2022/050160] - not in my name but shows the tech I’ve designed for the company’s product
7- [OC 3] PropertyCard CTO contract [shows relation to the patent above and share ownership]
7- [OC 3] Letter from PropertyCard Founder/CEO
8- [OC 1] Current employment appreciation letter
9- [OC 2 / OC 3] VurTech.me (my first startup). Can include description letter (business case), architecture diagrams and product screenshots from live dashboards
10- [OC 1] Employment contract → worked on implementation of IEEE 802.11n WiFi standard on ultra-low power SoC
11- [OC 4] University finally year project publication from 2016 - product proof of concept and pilot implementation at the American University of Beirut Medical Center https://feaweb.aub.edu.lb/feasac/15/Program/FEASAC15thBook.pdf


[OC 1] a proven track record for innovation as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept

[OC 2] proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field

[OC 3] they have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company

I would advise that 90% of your evidence should be in your name or you have clear evidence of your involvement as a leader

Thanks for the advice @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe. My contract, share ownership, and letter from the founder/CEO show my relation to the startup (PropertyCard) which all press releases and the patent relate to. Is that enough?

Yes those are cool, i submitted something similar, just make sure the letter from your co-founder references an innovation you led for OC1 or how your work is making impact in the coy and society for OC3. I was actually referring to evidence 6.

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