LOCs as evidence for Mandatory Criteria?

Hi everyone -

May I ask if successful applicants would recommend submitting their required recommendation letters as evidence for the mandatory (or optional) criteria? My LOCs all fit into the mandatory category but I also wanted to save 3 items to provide new supporting docs. I am applying for Exceptional Talent with a business focus.

Below is my current supporting documents (in addition to the 3 required LOCs). Appreciate any feedback!


  1. Executive Presence: Speaker at a Global Partner Summit for a “BigTech” company
  2. Hardware Product Launch: Announcement by the founder of a large fintech company, my work evidence on the product & the official product site
  3. Earnings analysis and product announcement at a leading Travel Tech company for I program I led
  4. Press release & partner site for a technical program I led (from a leading chipset maker)
  5. Press release from another global chipset maker on the same program I led

Optional 1

  1. Annual Salary
  2. 4th LOC from a Director at a “BigTech”
  3. News article about a digital training initiative I designed (and was announced by the CEO)

Optional 2

  1. 5th LOC from a top UK business school I graduated from
  2. Presentation from the business school’s Career Services to promote tech careers and mentorships to students

Would you swap any of the evidences with the required LOCs? Thanks!

In general you want to show as much evidence as possible for your case. Using LoC as one of your evidences is going the other way - i.e. making some evidence duplicate. Instead, if you can use those slots for anything that can further add to your case, that is obviously more desirable. If you have nothing to add, then leaving a slot empty is also acceptable.

It seems that M4 & M5 could be collapsed into one document. Same way M2 and M3 can be collapse too. You will likely end up with more time slots - can’t you collect more evidence to bolster your case? As I see you are missing the basics - certifications, job offer or letter from HR (if you have an offer), etc

Good to hear you also think the mandatory LOCs shouldn’t be duplicated into “evidence”. Thanks for the response!

The M2/M3 I had were from two different companies on completely different things. probably not the most appropriate to mix together?

I agree M4/M5 seem possible to combine into one doc, but they won’t fit into 3 pages, and I didn’t want to miss either one.

My employment verification letter with salary and offer letter are all in one doc in optional 1.

I’m not sure if I get what you meant by “missing the basics” tbh…

Basics means College Education, Past employment certificates etc. These are all evidence of your application - basics, but still completes the view on your profile.

As for mixing M2 and M3, purely a suggestion. If you have already considered it and don’t think they should mix, then that’s fine.

Oh i get your point - not sure I’d agree with you to use these slots for the basics, especially when I’ve got LOCs from past employers and university staff. Thanks for the response tho.

I have also read from the TN visa guide that “the activity you are providing as evidence of recognition should have occurred within the past 5 years.” Thought about providing my student awards I received in the UK over a decade ago but decided to drop them.