Letter of Recommendation LOR - Exceptional Promise

Hello everyone,

I want to apply for the exceptional promise endorsement. My specialty is within the automotive/electric vehicle software development. I have a couple of concerns that I am not sure about.

I hold an MSc in Electric Vehicle Engineering from a university in Italy and a BEng in Mechatronics Engineering from a British university. However, I have been in industry for almost less than a year. Hence, I can not ask for a recommendation letter from higher positions within my companies.

I was the team leader of a competition called formula student which mimcs building a Formula 1 car but for students. When I was in my foundation and first year, I got to know senior students throughout networking based on my involvement in the competition and passion for the automobile industry. These students are now team leaders/principal engineer with some of the biggest car manufactures in the world (neither of them is/was a previous manager).

so my ROL are as following:-

1- Principal Engineer works at a British car brand.
2- Senior/team leader works at a Swedish car brand.
3- The director of my master’s program.

Would they be eligible for writing a letter of recommendation?

On another note, does the reference letter needs to be addressed to the Global Talent visa application? I have reference letters that I intended to present as an evidence but they are outdated and generically addressed.

Thank you in advance

They need to be for GTV. Please read the letter requirements on tech nation doc website - if your reference fulfils all the requirements then it should be fine.

@reachusama Thanks for your response

Understood, I assume you are talking about the ROL so noted.

This is clear for the ROL. but how about the reference letter? does it also need to be addressed for GTV?

@reachusama please this a little related to the topic,

Can is manage half a page for reference letter in my evidence document in order for me to save space for other evidence? or is there an alternative.

I believe all letters should follow the same requirements, whether it is for LOR or part of the evidence.

And you are expected to specify the name of the individuals who provide letters in additions to LORs within your application.

For your reference: Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

Ah this is tricky. I would rather try to get my way around the evidence.

OR you can combine letter and other evidences together keeping in mind the page limit of 3. Then get it digital signed by the author.

Whatever you do, I would recommend keeping the letters which is digitally signed unmodified to ensure it remains authentic, so they can easily verify it using docusign id.