Letter of Recommendation from a Senior Partner from Big 4 Consulting Firm

Does anyone have feedback on a LOR from a Partner in Digital Technology in a Big 4 Consulting firm? Will this suffice?

Hello Farzad.
Most likely, it will not be sufficient. According to the guide:

Please note that ‘leading industry experts’ excludes roles listed as unsuitable in the Typical Applicants section of the guidance (for example, managers at Outsourcing or Consultancy firms etc.)


Please note the following specialisms are generally not considered suitable:

  • Service Delivery, Process Delivery, Outsourcing, Consultancy (technical or management), ERP Consultancy, Systems Admin and all related fields.
  • Corporate roles or experience of managing large corporate teams.

You might include it as additional evidence to strengthen your application, but only if the author is a tech expert and worked not only in consultancy.

Best wishes,

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