Letter head and logo

Please has anyone submitted an application without using a letter head or logo. My recommenders are from big companies and it is illegal to use the Company’s letter head for personal reasons.

Also, can the references (part of the 10 evidences) be on an ordinary paper without the letter head.

Kindly assist.

Letter heads can provide the authenticity for your letters, though Tech Nation understands that some companies may have policies that prevent the use of letterheads.

Some suggestions based on what some applicants have reported here would be:

  1. Get at least the required 3 LORs with letterheads.

  2. Submit 2 LORs with letter head and 1 without letter head. But also enclose supporting letters with letter head.

  3. Ask referees to provide you with logo and registered email address

  4. Get a letter without letterhead, ensuring the person states an official email address in the letter.

In summary, you should aim to get a variation of letter headed and non letter headed letters mostly ensuring that your 3 compulsory LORs are letter headed if possible.

Thanks a lot May, Merry Christmas

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