Leaving the UK with ongoing TN application

I am in the UK on a Skilled Worker visa and am planning to apply for a Tech Nation visa soon. However, I have some important events coming up in about 6 weeks or so, and would likely have to leave the country with an active Stage 1 Tech Nation visa application. Unfortunately, it is also important for me to meet certain timescales with my workplace so I’d need to apply before I leave.

I wanted to know if applicants are allowed to leave the UK during Stage 1 of the application, or if the endorsement application would be considered as withdrawn? I am likely to make Stage 2 of the application outside the UK as well, due to time-scale advantages of the same.

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You can do stage 1 from anywhere.

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Sure - just to clarify, I would be applying for Stage 1 from the UK, but would likely just not be here by the time I hear back from them.

I thought to confirm because quite a few visas prevent you from leaving the country when you have made an application to the Home Office, and if you do, they consider it to be withdrawn. Maybe this is not the case here, due to Stage 1 not going to the Home Office?


Stage 1 is not a visa application. It is an application for endorsement which is not location dependent.