Lead software test engineer -Exceptional promise , looking for feedback and suggestion

Hello All,
First of all a big thank you to this community for helping me out till now in every step .
Now that I have a clear understanding of the whole process and my situation I am planning to gather the documents I have and start the process.
Please have a look at the documents I have and if anything else could be added.
I have been working as a full-time quality assurance engineer for last 3 years in Germany and along side finishing my studies in Masters in web and data science (finished it this month).

Track exceptional promise:
LOR from current director of quality in my company
LOR from current director of product
LOR from CTO of my current company

As a part of my job role, I am not supposed to be doing the below but I have done it.
Pushed AI in the company hence increasing customer retention.

  1. Screenshot showing the complete design and product flow of the AI initiatives pushed by me in the company.
  2. Promotion letter in 1 year of joining the company
  3. Letter of recognition for the AI-based ideas.
  4. Salary proof of above-average salary
  5. media mentions of the product I have worked and led from scratch in my company.
  6. trying to get a chance to speak at an event with 10k audience.( if not then that’s out)

OC2:( work beyond occupation)

  1. Git hub repository for regular contributions since last year in various open-source projects
  2. slack screenshots of closely mentoring a person through her testing career with weekly call proofs on( meet -a mentor)

OC3:( work contributions at the company )

  1. Company private GitLab details showing my code contributions and proving that I alone made the whole test architecture.
  2. Proof of increase in product quality due to my architecture by 100%
  3. Proof of Increase in speed and efficiency of our team by 30% because of this architecture.

Are these good enough proofs? what should i move where ? would love to know your views.
cc @Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad
ANd everyone else please feel free to give your feedback
I would really appreciate your feedback

4. trying to get a chance to speak at an event with 10k audience. - Did you get it? If you weren’t accepted that might be negative evidence

Can you provide more evidence? Letters are generally weaker.

for MC point 4. I am yet to get the results, I plan to add it only if I get accepted.

which letter are you referring to ?
letter of recognition? it’s supporting the first one, the screenshots of my contribution the product design and user flows and then the final implementation .
Also, the user growth caused by it and user improved customer experience caused by it.
will that be sufficient?

OC3: If you have other impactful projects that you lead it’s better to have those than a letter supporting the first point

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@Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad @ellagna @herman.komashko and other please share your views , would really love to hear your opinions

  • your LORs are all from one company - this will not show the reviewer that you have made an impact in digital technology with people familiar with your work

  • You have 11 documents right now, I would combine your above average salary and promotion letter into one document (up to 3 pages)

  • for MC, you WILL need to show recognition outside of your work, so speaking or having a role on a panel is key. Your company recognition does not count - you need to be specifically recognized in the industry

  • Mentorship for OC2 needs to be through a formal program and over a sustained period of time. Not sure what meet a mentor is but it usually has to be a program which accepts you, not that you just join and connect with people. Just make sure you emphasize its validity as a program

  • Github repos alone might not be enough and you may have to show significant traction of your contributions

  • To me OC3 seems fine and shows proof of product development but I was not a technical applicant!

Hope this helps, just some thoughts!

LoRs from current employers and only might not be acceptable.

The mentoring does not seem eligible. It has to come through an official programme etc.

For this criteria, they would probably prefer an impact which is commercial and etc, rather than something internal or just code. So maybe talk about what impact it created with your technical proficiency commercially and etc.

Loving your input , just amazing! thank you so much.

just one question to it. Would you know how to insure the validity of the mentorship program?

It needs to be a known, formal program that you have to prove you applied and were accepted to, and you need to be involved with it for a significant period of time (ie no one off mentoring or mentoring for a couple of months just to get the visa). Hope that’s helpful!

i have been closely(weekly calls) mentoring a refugee from ukraine for an year, and some on and off sessions for people who want to learn about my field. I hope that counts :slight_smile:

This is not a structured mentorship programme.