Kindly review my profile for exceptional talent

I am planning to submit my application and wanted feedback on the same.

Total experience - 9 years
Product experience - 6 years

Documents being submitted:
Personal Statement
1 from CIO of ex-employer
1 from CEO of another ex-employer
1 from Product head of another ex-employer

1 reference letter from NGO head
1 evidence with stated impact, awards received by NGO due to my work, workflow and low fi wireframes of the work done

2 reference letters from two individuals (one Cofounder of a company, another lead architect for another company)
2 evidences with presentations, mentoring request mail, certificate of mentorship

4 evidences with my contribution to the work, problem statement, impact, solution provided, workflows of the solutions offered
Offer letters to prove the compensation

Your letter of recommendations are mostly from your ex-employers, can you also get external validation for your work. You evidence are not sufficient to meet the eligibility criteria, reference letters alone are not sufficient.

@Francisca_Chiedu thanks for the feedback.

It would be of great help if you can suggest on what evidences should i be adding to show impact for OC3 (provided i cannot share company’s confidential data w.r.t. revenue as well as share screens of GA for trafiic increase) and for my contribution to NGO w.r.t. digital enablement.

check the examples in tech nation guide.