Kindly review my profile and evidences - Exceptional Talent

Hey guys, it’s taken me a few months to reach this stage, and planning to apply for the endorsement soon. Looking forward to get your opinion!

I am currently living and working in the UK and planning to establish a new start-up in the digital technology field if the application goes well.

I have 8 pieces of evidence, 3 recommendation letters and my personal statement.

My skills include: Entrepreneurship, Product management, Game Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Creative Direction

Application category: Exceptional Talent

Please review the following documents in order;

Recommendation Letters

LOR 1 is from the General Partner & Co-founder of a credible VC specialised in the gaming sector based in the UK who made an investment to my company in 2019.

LOR 2 is from the COO and Co-founder of the one of the biggest gaming companies in the UK and the winner of the Deloitte’s 2022 UK Technology Fast 50 awards. Also an angel investor to my current start-up.

LOR 3 is from the Commercial VP of development studio with over 180 employees worldwide who has 20 years experience in the UK digital technology sector. We worked together as colleagues on two different businesses in the past.

Mandatory Criteria

MC 1 - I co-founded and led the growth of a product-led digital gaming company; raised a £3.6m seed round, developed and published multiple games successfully.

Evidence: screenshots of product analytics, user metrics, news clippings from industry-related websites highlights the seed round I raised, sales agreements, revenues and a reference letter from the CEO talking about my impact on the company’s success.

MC 2 - I led the marketing and revenues at a product-led digital gaming company;

Evidence: screenshots of marketing analytics, number of users/downloads, Facebook Ads spend and results, revenues and a reference letter from an expert who is the Vice President Marketing from a credible gaming company, based in the UK.

Optional Criteria

OC 1 - Evidence of innovation/product development; I co-founded and managed product and growth of a mobile gaming company launched games that has been downloaded 150 million times worldwide.

I. Audited accounts

II. Marketing, revenues and game downloads

Evidence includes: (I) audited accounts (II) screenshots of the analytics, number of downloads, revenues and marketing spends.

OC 2 - Evidence of talks or conference speaking that have had a significant viewership; I attended experience design and management summit event as a speaker and gave a presentation about mobile advertising and user experience.

Evidence includes: Youtube link to the conference, news clippings and promotional materials for events organised.

OC 3 - I demonstrated that I have made a significant entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder of a product-led digital technology company; I founded a mobile gaming enterprise in 2019 to develop, co-develop, publish and market mobile games.

I. Evidence of employment & Salary

Evidence includes: Employment agreement, breakdown of the shareholders, payslips and P60 end of year certificates.

II. Shareholder agreement

Evidence includes: Shareholder agreement, total money invested in company and breakdown of investors and founders shares.

III. Marketing, revenues and game downloads

Evidence includes: Screenshots of the analytics, number of downloads, revenues and marketing spends.

I would appreciate your opinion.

I think you have a great profile. You need to decide with optional criteria you want to meet. You have listed evidence for OC1, 2, 3.

For the mandatory criteria, I think you should add the conference speaking also ensure that it is an industry leading event with up to 100 people in attendance, I believe the YouTube video will show that. Was your name mentioned in the news clipping? For your recommendation letter is the third recommender working in tech? I am not sure what you mean by a development studio.


@Francisca_Chiedu , thanks a lot for your help. I must have missed the point that I can only choose 2 optional criteria and thanks for the tip about the mandatory criteria, I’ll definitely do that.

Yes, the third recommender working in tech and my name was mentioned in the news clipping.

OK good. I think you should focus on evidence in the public domain that can be easily verified. You public speaking event, news clippings are strong evidence you want to put in your mandatory criteria. From your evidence you can easily demonstrate impact but you need to decide between OC1and OC2. At the end of the day, it up to you what criteria you select.

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Thanks for your help and recommendations @Francisca_Chiedu. I submitted my application yesterday evening, fingers crossed.

I saw the announcement this morning, but couldn’t find any relevant information on how it affects existing applications. Any insights?

they will continue working till march 31so I think by that time you will get decision.

@Francisca_Chiedu I’ve received the endorsement letter for Exceptional Talent recently. Massive thanks for your help!!!

On various posts I saw that you can combine two years of your Skilled Worker Visa with a year long GT visa and apply for ILR. I am aiming to go to that route but couldn’t find this information written anywhere in the Immigration Rules Appendix. If you are familiar with this information, could you please direct me to it?