Kindly review my evidence for exceptional promise

Greetings everyone.
Hope this meets you well.
I’m presently gathering documents for my application, and I will appreciate it, if you can help review some of my evidences if they’ll be tenable for exceptional promise application.
I am a technical support engineer with 3 years work experience. I’ve worked with two Microsoft partner companies as a technical support engineer.

Evidence 1- International recognition as a Microsoft certified Trainer: A recognition by Microsoft to show that I am a professional premier trainer who can deliver training on Microsoft software, services and Technology. I first became a Microsoft certified trainer in 2020. I was able to renew it in 2021 and 2022 because I met the minimum instruction requirement of teaching at least one class as validated by Metrics that Matter (MTM) and other survey tools. (In total, I have taught about 20 classes)
Evidence 2- Transcript to all Microsoft Certifications validating my experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions for each course I deliver. (I have 15 certifications from Microsoft)

Evidence 3 - Invitations from Microsoft learning partners (UK, US and Canada) as an instructor for classes organized for different multinational organizations on how to use Microsoft products.

OC2: Impact beyond day to day activities
I’m a technical support engineer but I also train delegates from different organisations on how to use Microsoft products using my knowledge from working as a Microsoft support engineer.
Evidence 4- Reference letter from one of the learning partners I’ve worked with.
Evidence 5- Feedbacks from delegates of organisations I’ve trained.
Evidence 6- Training schedule/bookings for the remaining months in 2023.

OC3: Significant technical contribution in a digital technology company.

Company A:Microsoft technical support job
Evidence 7- Letter of promotion
I was promoted from senior support engineer to technical team lead. I became tech lead to 50 engineers in my team because I consistently met the company’s monthly kpi and I was very supportive to my team even before becoming the team lead.
Evidence 8 - Hero Award : I received an Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition for my performance in 2021.

Company B:Microsoft technical support job with another Microsoft partner company(Remote)
Evidence 9- screenshots of Customer’s feedbacks on how I was able to support them and resolve their technical issues promptly.
Evidence 10- Pay slip for 3months (High renumeration because I consistently met company’s KPI)

Recommendation letters
LoR1: Senior staff of Company A (Microsoft partner company in Nigeria)
LoR2: CEO/Founder of tech NGO in Nigeria
LoR3: Computer science Lecturer I (PhD) at University of Leicester.

Have you apply and what is your last situtation?

@Taner_BASLI1, I haven’t applied. I’m counting on the review I get here first before proceeding.

@Francisca_Chiedu, @somdipdey and @anyone that can assist, pls help review my application.
Thanks in anticipation!

Your MC is not strong enough use your award for MC and try explain how you made contributions in your MC. Also put reference from third party not only evidence from your company

It appears you do not have sufficient evidence to meet all 3 criteria. Your evidence are mostly Microsoft training which doesn’t show how you have been recognised as a talent. There are applicants who have used these type of evidence that got rejected, if you search rejected applications you may find similar examples. I will try to tag you go a post relating to a Microsoft trainer and recognition that was rejected.

OC2 and OC3 do not meet the criteria.

I think you should take your time to read the tech nation guide to get an understanding of the type of applicants and evidence that are considered for tech nation endorsement. Based on you above list, I don’t see an evidence that meet the criteria.

@Oluwakemi for more context, also see this rejected application. Just got a "Not Endorsed" feedback but the explanations look like they didn't go through my evidences

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@Francisca_Chiedu, thank you so much for your response.